About us

Deadbeat Sound launched in the summer of 2017 and would never be considered a company that produces boutique pedals. If anything, we might refer to them as “broke-tique pedals” or as gateway drugs for musicians who want to experiment with adding effects without breaking the bank. The vision was pretty simple, cool looking cheap pedals that don’t suck. Designed in Orange County California and manufactured in China with nothing but the artist in mind.

We started with our Black Series Pedals. A limited run of simple, straight to the point effects. The starter pack in a sense. THE VOID Reverb, WET DREAMS Analog Chorus, DELAY LAY LAY Analog Delay, THANK YOU Distortion and Sustain and the PLAYBACK LOOPER. With this as our launch we were able to build a community of like minded musicians. Musicians that appreciate a company that has their back. A company that musicians might feel proud to support. Our grand vision, a company that musicians might want to contribute to and join.

Once the Black Series are gone, they are gone. The PLAYBACK LOOPER is already completely sold out and the rest are well on their way. With the closure of the Black Series we are opening the next chapter for 2018, The VISIBLE OVERDRIVE and our Station Series.

We are particularly proud of The VISIBLE OVERDRIVE. Thanks to the support of everyone who purchased Black Series Pedals we were able to experiment and innovate. We always wished a see through pedal existed, so we made one. We were never able to afford those beautiful looking wood pedals, so we made some that people could actually afford. The Station Series includes the MODULATION STATION, ECHOLATION STATION and the REVERBERATION STATION. Multi effect pedals with 9+ effects on each. Everything a musician might need to create and experiment with.

We are just getting started. Our plan in 2019 is to launch more than just pedals. Shows and festivals are on the horizon. Vinyl products. Synths and Drum Machines. Collaborations. Everything that a musician might need and want. And we are calling upon our community to help with that.

Look, we’d be lying to you saying that these are the best pedals on the market, or even the most original sounding. You can find very similar sounding Chinese pedals out there at the moment. This is just step one. Our grand vision is for our community to submit their designs, their art, their videos and their creations. And we produce them for you and the world. We want to be your platform. We want to be the company that every musician dreams of, because that’s what we did, we dreamt of this company while the rest of the world called us deadbeats.